American Dog Ticks
American Dog Tick
Brown Dog Tick
Brown Dog Tick
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

Ticks that Carry It

Tularemia is carried by American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, and Rocky Mountain wood ticks.

Where They are Most Often Found

Tularemia is found in many areas of the country where hunting occurs.


Tularemia incidence map


Colorado Wild Rabbit, ALERT 9 Aug 2018 8:22 PM MDT Loveland Reporter Herald Tularemia can be transmitted to people who handle infected animals, from the bite of infected insects (most commonly ticks and deer flies), by exposure to contaminated food, water, or soil; by eating, drinking, putting hands to eyes, nose, or mouth before washing after outdoor activities; by direct contact with breaks in the skin; or by inhaling particles carrying the bacteria (through mowing or blowing vegetation and excavating soil). …Wear gloves when gardening; wear dust masks when mowing or blowing vegetation or moving soil; wear insect repellent to deter biting insects; wear shoes on grassy lawns; and never touch dead animals with bare hands.