Lone star ticks cause some individuals to develop an allergic reaction to eating meat. Its victims can eat chicken and fish, but not beef, pork, buffalo, deer, etc. It's unclear how long the allergy persists. Severe allergic reactions requiring immediate medical treatment have occurred.

Lone star tick
Lone Star Tick

Behaviors of Ticks that Carry It

Alpha Gal Allergy is carried by lone star ticks, which are aggressive people-biters.

Where They are Most Often Found

Lone star ticks are found from Texas to Canada and east to the Atlantic ocean.


Alpha Gal allergy incidence map


Peoples Pharmacy Show 1167: Will a Tick Bite Make You Allergic to Meat? A tick bite can set a person up for an unusual hours-delayed allergic reaction to eating beef, pork, lamb or any other type of mammalian meat. We call this type of reaction after the bite of a Lone star tick an alpha-gal allergy Another type of tick spotted in Eau Claire (WI) and it could change your diet Jun 24, 2019 Health officials said the Lone star tick has been spotted in Eau Claire County…There has been an association between people who have gotten bitten by a lone star tick and an allergy to red meat so that does exist and that is a concern…prevent tick bites are by wearing insect repellent with DEET in it.