Zika incidence map


Samuel, G. et al. BCM Public Health A survey of the knowledge, attitudes and practices on Zika virus in New York City Jan 2, 2018 --84% reported hearing of Zika virus. Knowledge of Zika Transmission is not significantly associated with travel history but is significantly associated with pregnancy. Participants reported actions related to reduction of mosquito breeding sites (94%) and protection against mosquito-borne transmission (63%) than of protection against sexual transmission (23%)

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Silva Marinho, P. E. et al. Journal of NeuroVirology Central and peripheral nervous system involvement in Zika virus infection in a child. June 20, 2019 A 7-year-old boy presented with encephalomyeloradiculitis and no classic symptoms of arboviruses. ZIKV can be associated with diffuse nervous system infection in children.

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Almeida Bentes, A. et al. Journal of Clinical Virology Neurological manifestations of pediatric arboviral infections in the Americas May 8, 2019 Dengue has three possible neuropathogenic mechanisms: invasion of the nervous system, metabolic or vascular disorders or immune-mediated. Neurological manifestations of acquired Zika includes hemiparesis, myelitis, Guillain-Barré, cortical infarction and behavioral changes. Neurological manifestations in children with Chikungunya were seizures, encephalitis, meningism and behavioral changes. Among the children with neurological manifestations due to CHIKV, 5.6% died and 8.5% developed neuronal sequelae.

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Dirlikov, E. et al. JAMA Neurology May 21, 2018 GBS Symptoms more severe when caused by Zika. GBS is a post-infectious autoimmune disorder, characterized by weakness and poor reflexes.  Countries with large Zika outbreaks have reported a spike in GBS cases in the months following a wave of Zika activity. Symptoms include facial weakness, difficulty swallowing, shortness of breath, facial paresthesia.  Patients complain of Zika-like symptoms.  Six months into the illness, patients has excessive or inadequate tearing (tear duct dysfunctions), difficulty drinking and pain.