Eastern Equine Encephalitis incidence map


Deresiewicz, RL et al. Clinical and Neuroradiographic Manifestations of Eastern Equine Encephalitis The New England Journal of Medicine June 1997 Diagnosing eastern equine encephalitis is difficult because its symptoms are nonspecific …. …For most patients, the illness occurs within 5 days of having been bitten by an infected mosquito.  Symptoms  typically mimick a benign viral illness.  Fever, headache, and abdominal distress were common…The first major neurologic manifestations [may include] altered mental status, seizure, hemiparesis, or severe headache and a temperature of at least 103°F. Philadelphia, PA EEE, rare mosquito-borne virus, found in Atlantic County, N.J. resident Sep 21, 2019 The New Jersey Department of Health confirms a case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis was found in an Atlantic County resident. The virus transmitted through a mosquito bite has been diagnosed in 21 people in six states, and five people have died.

Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy Indiana reports first human EEE case since 1998, and it's fatal Oct 14, 2019 Typically, only about seven human EEE cases are reported to the CDC each year, but the nation has seen a surge in the past few months, with at least 34 cases reported in seven other states besides Indiana, according to numbers reflected on the CDC ArboNet page.

Outbreak News Today Michigan: Eastern Equine Encephalitis fatality reported in Kalamazoo County Sep 7, 2019 One of the confirmed individuals from Kalamazoo County has died. In addition, there are two additional suspected human cases: one in Kalamazoo County and one in Berrien County. There are two additional cases in Kalamazoo County under investigation…We strongly encourage residents to take precautions such as using insect repellent with DEET. Boston, MA More mosquitoes test positive for EEE in Methuen, Cape Cod Aug 30, 2019 The threat level for the virus was raised to critical after seven horses and four people tested positive for EEE across the state.

Providence Journal Providence, RI-- RI reports first human case of EEE Aug 31, 2019 The Department of Health has announced that a person from West Warwick is the first human case of Eastern equine encephalitis in Rhode Island.