Mosquitoes Are Just About Everywhere

outside at nightYou don’t have to go into the woods or swampy areas to find mosquitoes.  Backyards, playgrounds, neighborhood parks, recreation areas, athletic fields, the beach, and tennis courts—all are prime locations for close encounters of the “biting” kind.

West Nile virus carriers bite from an hour before dusk to an hour after dawn. They are found in every state in the “lower 48” in the U.S.

Other mosquitoes bite during the day.  These may carry viruses that cause encephalitis (brain inflammation) and other diseases.

Aedes mosquito
Aedes Mosquito

Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever are transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes that thrive in tropical areas worldwide.  These mosquitoes are also found in along the southern U.S. border, in California and in south Florida. They are daytime biters.  They like to bite from your knees to your toes, so wear long pants and closed-toed shoes.  They are found in urban areas.

When you travel outside the U.S., take repellents with you. You may not be able to find repellents tested for safety and efficacy at your destination. There are several product forms that travel well.

Prevent mosquitoes from breeding in your yard.  Dump any containers that hold even tiny amounts of water (toys, drip pans for plants, tires, bottle caps, bird baths, etc.) at least every three days.

Keep mosquitoes out of your home. Use screens on windows and doors. Repair holes in screens. Some mosquitoes live inside the house.

Mosquito-Borne Diseases You Need to Know About

Mosquitoes Can Transmit: